Monday, January 14, 2013

Cindy's Castle 

acrylic  11x14

  This was done for a dear lady I work with. I'll be the first to admit
I have a lot to learn about painting but I think I'm showing signs of improvement,
it was a joy to work on and the castle is such a great subject.
 I worked from a photograph, it's not the best way for a number of reason
but since setting up an easel and painting in the park is not really an ideal situation
what else could I do. Expect at least one more castle painting from me in the next
few months.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

 Making a new friend

You never know who you might meet.
  Over the years that I've worked at Disney I have met literally thousands of people. Most are just quick visits, they buy my sketches and they leave. Some will stay and talk about the park or their vacation. Then there are those who will form somewhat of a friendship with me. They come back every year to visit, perhaps they'll buy another sketch or watch to add to their collection or they might just stop buy to say hi. It's always nice to see them again.
  I've also learned over the years how much of an influence I've been. More than a few times I've been told that from some of the young aspiring artists who visit me.
  A few days ago I had one such experience. A person I've actually never met before came to the gallery to meet me. Linda was a very nice young lady who was a "fan" of my art that she saw here on my blog. When she told me that I thought to myself  WOW! I have a fan. How cool is that. Of course people like my Disney sketches because it's Disney characters. Who doesn't like Mickey Mouse, right. But it was my personal work she was a fan of and that really excited me. That's pretty cool.
 So we talked for a few minutes about her own art and I got a picture taken with her. Linda was so very nice and I just want to say thanks to her and her father for stopping by and making my day.
 Thanks again Linda. All my best to you as you pursue your art.
 I hope to make this a better blog by adding more art soon and on a regular basis.
 Keep visiting!